I decided to weigh our cooking/eating gear (for two) to make it easier to compare. albs 2 oz.

I don't feel the need to have 3 plates/bowls as one of us can just eat from the pot. But I would like 3 insulated cups.

So far SWMBO has just been sharing her plate and spork with our daughter. Otherwise she is quite messy and VERY sloooooooow! Hopefully this will change soon! grin

The weight of the cook set itself is just shy of a pound. And since all of this is barely broken in at this point is seems to make sense to me to try to find cups that will fit inside the pot just to reduce space needed. My Marlboro stainless mugs claim to hold 15 oz, and this has to be where a large bit of that weight is coming from as the "plates" are thin cheap aluminum and our sporks are plastic. Sure wish I knew if those MSR cups would fit with 3...

REI doesn't offer the MSR mugs alone, and I didn't see any others that were either designed to fit side by side or that stacked and were small enough (they have pint glasses). I'd like to take my pot and see if they'd fit in there well enough. Stackable would be nice in that the stove can fit inside of a cup.

I do like the "sink" type container for GSI sets. Though I don't see the need for a sink as I'd just use the pot, it would be nice to be able to hold more water, especially if you found you needed to boil drinking water. It's a good idea anyway…

When we go on our typical 3 day/2 night trips down here where it's usually fairly humid, I find myself in dire need of a shower. I'm a sweater and have oily skin. I can't see myself being good with going a full week unless maybe it was cool and dry.

I always take extra socks and boxers, but have gotten away from extra clothes. I often have brought some with hygiene, towels, and flip flops that are left in the truck incase we want to bathe before we head out, but we've only done so once.


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