So with our modern "choices" given by a multitude of "stuff", media telling us that we absolutely need it, our modern aversion to risk of any kind, and our softness both physical and mental, it is no surprise that we feel it is difficult to go out for one little overnight trip with 11 items.

WD, Agree that many in this modern day are truly soft in comparison. I tend to get bummed when I think of all the electronic crappolla in our world robbing youngsters from connecting to what is REAL and all around us. frown

But...the human race is quite remarkable in many ways, and although maybe not in the mainstream of things, continues to live on the edge and risks just as much if not more to feel alive and in the moment. IMO people from the beginning of time have never taken personal demise very easily. Everyone will find out one day how dear it is when fighting for their lives. That I don't think has changed. The risks of daily life were more intense years ago as medicine alone could not save you from something like a simple fever or appendicitis.

But now that we are safer and more secure in our longevity we still crave that feeling of what it means to be alive. Who in their right mind from the past would jump from airplanes, and mountaintops with flying squirrel suits. Kids to day are risking life and limb jumping everything from dirt bikes to skateboards over insanely huge jumps in an effort to experience something more than what life is handing them. I think our ancestors would think we were hell bent on killing ourselves when it is really just trying to get back to feeling what it means to be alive. You yourself and all your adventures past and yet to come are a good example for others that wish to get outdoors and live! So fortunately IMO many are still tough enough to face their mortality even when they could just as well sit it out on the couch with a remote in hand. smile wink Keep inspiring folks WD and we'll help in changing the next generation... or at least a few of em.


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