As an alpine climber, I have spent quite a few nights, unintended, on some cold mountain ledge. I never slept, but survived. I have also done 4-day survivals with NO food. For the short term, food is optional; water is NOT! Training in survival is useful.

"Survival" or an unintended bivy is one thing; I think what the challenge here is all about is taking only 11 items and actually being comfortable. On an overnight trip, with a good weather report, shelter is not essential. Cowboy camping with just the sleeping bag works well. Cooking adds a lot of items but not that much weight if you choose light gear. Particularly if you do not enjoy cooking, taking non-cook food seems very reasonable and maybe even better. Those who feel really uncomfortable with 11 items, probably depend on their gear a bit too much.

To me, the controversial items are related to safety. What is really necessary and what can be left.