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Merino itchy, no fun there. What do you use for a synthetic "cool" underlayer under a windshirt? Went for an hour's hike in light rain this morning at 6C with just a hemp crewneck under my Montbell windshirt. Just some quarter sized damp patches on my shoulder bones, and a coolish neck. Could have used a long-sleeve zip-T made out of some really good wicking fabric such as runners use. Merino is way too itchy, sometimes I even find microfleece a bit itch inducing, but do layer it over my base occasionally. Thoughts?

You got the wrong merino. Or your skin is way more sensitive than mine. Good merino is sooooo comfy......

Throwing away all my synthetic - it all reeks within minutes of putting it on. Too many hours of sweating in it, and bombing it with vinegar, enzyme removers, etc has all failed.
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