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What about the aquamira drops?

Aquamira Liquid is not intended for our needs as backpackers.
That is incorrect. The drops and tablets have the same concentration of ClO2 if used as directed. There were legal reasons for the EPA registration inconsistencies. Suggested reading

Thanks for the information as it is more illuminating on the subject. However, the link does raise a few concerns.

1. The information from the link is that "the initial claims from the bulk supplier for Aquamira Water Treatment were 'bacteria, taste and odor', and all testing was done in potable water. . . . " So that pretty definitively states how far Aquamira can go in making its claims, which is not far enough for backpackers.

2. The following statements are made:

(a) "The reason that the instructions call for a reaction wait time of 5 minutes is so that the mixture can be added to the water at the peak of ClO2 production. If a person adds the mixture too early or late, the final concentration of ClO2 in the water can be significantly less than the required 4ppm." That gives me some pause for concern as I am unsure how many of us pull out our stopwatches to ensure that the mixed solution is dumped at the exact proper time.

(b) "We recommend poring [sic] some of the treated water into the mixing cup and then pouring that back into the container of water to flush out any residual material from the mixing cup." How many do this religiously?

(c) "Mixing in a windy area or at higher temperatures can add to this potential loss of ClO2." So if it is hot or windy, proper concentration may never be reached.

3. Finally, "Recently Aquamira procured the EPA registration for the base chemical from the supplier and we are now in the process of submitting our own label with appropriate claims to the EPA. This is a lengthy process, and requires every claim to be backed up with test data. Some of the data was not available from the bulk supplier and must be supplied by Aquamira. We expect this process to take up to a year from now to complete." It has been over 2-1/3 years since Aquamira's prediction as to when the process would be complete, which is well over twice the amount of time at the longest. Yet still no EPA registration. Take from that what you will, but at this point I still stand behind my opinion that Aquamira Liquid is not intended for our needs as backpackers. After all, Aquamira doesn't state that it is.