Last year I had to cross a glacial braided stream (4 crossings). The bottom was cobbles, under milky water that did not allow me to see what I was walking on. I crossed with shoes on, gaiters, and all. When I got to the other side I wrung out the socks and continued. I really like the stability of my hiking shoes and the warmth of the socks and gaiters. Glacial streams are difficult because you cannot see the bottom so do not know how deep you have to wade. I always keep open the option of retreating. And I would not attempt this without trekking poles. In the past I have also put plastic bags over my socks - not to be waterproof, but to act like a wet suit and keep feet warm. A long, even though shallow crossing of icy cold water can make feet numb. It is really hard to be stable with numb feet.