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I continue to recommend that folks try out Skurka's "Fancy Feast" stove, very clearly described here.

And here are instructions for how to make a windscreen for it.

Brian, please forgive me if am wrong, but I have been under the impression that this stove was originally designed by Jim Wood, who I've assumed coined the name " Super Cat Stove " because he based the design on a Fancy Feast can stove that had no holes at all on the side (the "Cat Stove") and is even easier to make (open the can, feed a cat, wash the can, use it as a stove).

His site is a great resource and goes into quite a bit of detail on his tests for different sizes and types of cans, the size, number, and spacing of holes, the types of fuel he tested, and safety issues. He was obviously obsessed, but he certainly achieved a remarkable result. If you measure it in terms of weight that hasn't been carried, or dollars that haven't been spent on stoves, it is truly amazing. I tend to view it as simplicity vs complexity and in that regard it's often even more amazing.


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