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So the ones that are not an open top are most likely preasurized and are more fuel efficient?

It depends on how ones defines efficiency. Some define it based on time to boil, pressurized stoves are generally faster. Some define efficiency as amount of fuel needed to achieve a boil, non-pressurized generally use less fuel to achieve a boil. I personally define efficiency as the the amount of heat available in the fuel converted to increase in water temp. Based on *my definition* the most efficient stove I have seen or used is the Zelp designed fancee feest, it is a wick stove. It converts almost 80% of available energy to the water temp. The Penny Stove, as a comparison doesn't break 50%. As Bill said, ones stove choice is dependent upon ones use of it and not some arbitrary metric. On my way to the alky stove anonymous meeting now.