"I've never thought about taking my socks off and then putting my shoes back on to cross."

For times where you're going to take the time to remove your socks, I suggest that you also take out the cushiony (or perhaps not-so-cushiony) shoe inserts. For me, at least, those take longer to dry than do my liner socks.

I do that on trips where I'm hiking with others who stop to change footwear. I'm waiting around anyway, so I might as well use the time so that my shoes will dry faster once we start walking again.

On the far shore what I find helpful is to prop my wet (but quick-drying) shoes top sides down, slanted so that the sole of the toe is pointing up and the heel down. This makes all the water in the shoe fabric drain towards the heel and the tongue, both of which more readily allow me to squeeze out the water while I'm waiting for others.

The other (and perhaps obvious) 'trick' is to take off the shoes and socks at even short breaks. Even with quick drying shoes, it helps a lot to have even a brief moment here or there to allow moisture to dissipate.
Brian Lewis