I bought a pair of Treksta sandals a couple of years ago that enabled me to hike comfortably *without socks* and not blister. My feet could breathe, and the sandals popped on and off easily.

Moreover, I could ford streams easily and safely -- when I came to a crossing I could just push on through. I didn't need to stop, take off shoes/boots and socks, pack them for the crossing, take them out, dry my feet, put them back on afterwards, etc., etc.

The sandals were especially convenient in NW Montana where there are a lot of crossings, especially during the early season. Over the course of a day the time spent taking off and putting on adds up considerably.

Crocs I found to be less stable during crossings.

I've since bought sandals from another company, and blistered in them. They have more elasticity in them and one's feet slide around more.

Naturally, Treksta has discontinued their sandal...