Hello All,

I'm new here, but I thought this group would be the best to turn to for some answers.

I'm not much of a backpacker, but I'm a documentary and news photographer and I am starting to travel more. I might want some recommendations for packing for an upcoming trip, but beyond that, I'm just having shopping issues.

All my photo friends luck out that they can find BDU shirts, North Face roll-sleeves, or similar styles. The nice breathable type. Me, at 6'7", I'm not having much luck. I'm pretty fit, so XL shirts sometimes fit, but they're sometimes cut like a dress. If its an athletic cut, I wear an XL, if not a L, but the problem lies here:

I really, REALLY need tall shirts. XL Tall from Gap or Old Navy works if its an athletic cut, but those are cotton and often feel heavy in hot weather. From past experience, these nice breathable shirts aren't long enough if they're not tall, but I've given up looking a while ago.

Do you know of any shirts that would fit my parameters that are either LONGER than normal or are made in Tall sizes?

And don't get me started on pants... 36 inseam... that's another issue.