I'm always on the lookout for recipes that adapt well to backpacking food via dehydration.
My usual criteria: inexpensive (but not cheap, "cheap" implies a lack of quality) flavorful, fun, and suitable for or made out of smaller pieces that will dehydrate and rehydrate easily.

Anyway, AB's Tacos Dorados recipe adapted really easily.
Here's the episode of origin:

I did modify it slightly:
1. I upped the paprika by 1/2 TSP (I love smoked paprika)
2. I added chipotle flakes to the rub (again going for that smokey goodness)
3. I also added some oregano, about 2 teaspoons
4. I couldn't use the cooking oil, because it could go rancid during the dehydration process. I just used a very clean nonstick pan and a little tequila to soften any fond off the pan.
5. I just used regular corn tortillas instead of frying them, or buying hard shells. Hard tacos are the mark of a taco charlatan.

It dehydrates very well, and rehydrates easily: just knead cold water into the zip-top bag full of bits and let it soak for about ten minutes, then add the bag to a pot of boiling water.
The tortillas can get a similar treatment: bagged up, they can get a dunk in hot water to keep them from splitting up while eating.

Serving suggestions: Tapatio and pepper jack string cheese. One of the best trail meals I've enjoyed.

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