My name is Zach and I am a solo trekker.
I've sold my 2 person tent (Drifter 2) for the purpose of downsizing. The Drifter 2 has a packed weight of approximately 5 pounds. I like the tent, but it's too heavy for a lone ranger like myself - too heavy, too big and bulky (when packed). I've been quite interested in 1 person tents and bivies. I like the looks of the Eureka Solitaire because there's enough room to store a bag inside the tent, though it's non-freestanding. I like the Home Alone bivy by Marmot... I love the durability factor in the Alpine Bivy by Outdoor Research, but it reminds me of a body bag! Ugh... So I'm gonna browse the tents/ bivies on this site, but in the meantime if you would like to share your three cents, chime in!

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