I'm glad you've got to try it a bit. I sent you "double bubble" and since then I've been using "single bubble". It's half as thick and half the weight, but it still works just as good for reflecting your body heat back at you. I use it under a neoair pad and for me that's a pretty sweet set-up. It's tough enough to protect the neoair on our rough ground here, which would shred one otherwise, and you can fold it for a sitting pad. It will provide a pretty good cushion like that and keep you warm. So I've found it to be pretty useful for backpacking.

That material does collect moisture though. My campfire tent, which is made of the same kind of stuff, was just about at the point where it would have been raining inside when I woke up the last time I used it. I was camping next to a creek and had it closed up pretty tight because it rained a lot that night, so I guess that was a worst case scenario, but had I bumped the walls I would have created a downburst. laugh

"You want to go where?"