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To your logic I would add that the heavier of your two considered base weights is going to be lighter than average among thru-hikers.

Cool man! Yeah, I actually ordered a circuit today, so I am going to check it out and see how it feels with my expected loads etc.

I have Yogi's guide, but my cousin is borrowing it at the moment as he is also attempting a thru-hike. Good to know alcohol won't be a hassle. In that case I am pretty content not having a bounce box, as I do have a contact person at home to ship packages. What do you think of having camera batteries shipped in resupplies fully charged rather than carrying a battery charger? Cost is not a concern as extra (generic) batteries can be found cheap. Maybe not worth the weight savings...

I am still considering changing my shelter. The Notch is almost perfect, but maybe just a little too tight for me. I am trying to find alternatives that are easy to pitch, but lighter weight, possibly a cuben material rather than silny.