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If the only downside is cost, swallow hard,live on beans for awhile, and come up with the dough. Every time I did that I was glad.

Haha! I like that quote. I got a call from a friend from college today and we were reminiscing about how 2/3 of our budget went to alcohol and 1/3 went to beans and frozen pizza.

Anyways, that isn't the only factor, as the TT Notch is such a quick pitch shelter it's hard to not give that some weight in the decision. It also has a solid floor where as the zpacks hexamid+ (with net) has been said to get pretty muddy/wet as the netting soaks up a lot of that ground juice. It also has 10 stake out points, and the Notch only has 4. Talk about simplicity.

As for backpacks, I am pretty sure the circuit will carry the weights I will put in it comfortably. AS for the Arc Blast, I am just not convinced, but I have been looking at other lighter packs like the Starlite, and the Exodus FS that comes with an inflatable air back pad.. neat!