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And after coddling my injured knee for the past six months and waiting waiting waiting for it to get better, I finally rode my bike twice in the last two days! No pain, and everythings seems OK.

keep your fingers crossed for me !

A bit of a thread hijack, but nevermind-a couple of things-not sure how much biking you've done, but keep in mind, ride in a low gear (my around town gear is usually 42/16 or so) and make sure your seat is adjusted properly to avoid stress on your knee. If you don't have them, get clip on pedals and shoes. I have pedals from Bike Nashbar and Shimano (two bikes) and Shimano shoes. They make a world of difference and the cost was about $75-80 for both if I remember right, on sale. Pedals by mail, shoes, local shop.
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