First let me explain my needs.
I'll mostly be using this in KY and surrounding states. Our winters are not brutal by any stretch of the imagination. But..It can easisly drop down to 5 degrees F, or lower, with windchill factors down to -20. Generally mid 30's in the day, even warmer at times, and 15 - 20 at night. Snow fall rarely gets over 6", but we can get suprises, up to 12" or so. More likely we can get 4 - 6", and before it melts another 4 or so, so we can get up to 12" total accumulation, with 2 or 3 feet drifts.

So, I don't need the top of the line "expedition" grade tent.
However, if the opportunity presents itself, I might travel with friends to other areas with much harsher climates.

Now that I'm retired, and basically on a fixed income, buying and trying several tents is out of the question.

So, I guess the bottom line is that I need a tent that'll perform well in the types of environments I described, good quality, but not a $800 tent, designed for extremes, but one that will keep me nice and dry and cozy. Oh, and the lighter the better.

Could I please get a few (or more) recommendations, so I can begin a search? Preferably recommendations of tents that you have actually used?

As far as bags go, I'm good there.

All input will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks ahead...


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