You can see three plots and for the sake of simplicity I'll refer to them as front and rear. It's hard to see what's there, I know.

First the purchased started plants.
In the right rear I planted savoy cabbage and iceberg lettuce. In the center rear the lettuce carried over and finished up with broccoli. Both of these sections are laid out so I can put my popup greenhouse which is about 4x8 and looks like a see through pup tent. I can hang a drop light in there if needed for warmth.

In the left rear I planted onions. These can by mulched when it gets cold.

I also had some old seeds. Maybe they're good, maybe not.
In the right front (in front of the cabbage and lettuce) I planted beets, radishes, and lots of carrots. Again, these can be mulched when it gets cold.

I still have a few pepper plants in the center front and left front. The Caribbean habanero and jalapeno are still producing. I even picked a jalapeno today. They'll die off when it gets cold enough.