I use a monocular instead of binoculars--less than half the weight! However, for longer trips I use the zoom lens on my camera, which is close to the same power (6x; the monocular is 7x). I discovered that when I forgot to bring the monocular on a birding expedition! blush Anyway, Bunny, this gives you two possible substitutes for the heavier binoculars.

Have you discovered the articles on the home page of this site, left hand column? The 7-day list shown gives you some possible guidelines for gear weight. I used that one for a model when I started lightening up my gear 7 years ago. I've now gotten three pounds lighter than the total on the list, but the last two pounds may not have been worth the considerable $$$ involved. There are lots of excellent articles there about lightening up and gear selection. I agree that Mark Verber's site is downright encyclopedic; it's another source I always recommend.

Once you've tweaked your list, I suggest you post it here--with weights--so we can make recommendations for specific items, see what's missing, etc.

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