Nice post! Thanks for sharing. I'm with with BrianLe: I searched around for my "like" button, too smile
I found it interesting that your aches started diminishing as the days went by. That isn't generally my experience, except that as my food gets eaten and my weight goes down, and I adjust to altitude, my body starts appreciating the fact. However, it's also the case that my trips are not for as many days as yours. I just did a 7 day and an 8 day, almost in succesion, but that is a rarity for me. But I do notice that a sense of lightness and balance and mental clarity develops over the course of a trip: maybe from using my mental and motor skills hopping talus and tree roots, or maybe just from the relaxation that comes from being in the wilderness.In any event, it relieves a lot of the feeling of difficulty that I start out with.