I'm late to this party because I've been out hiking (backpacking and canoeing). I'm 76, 77 beginning of December.

I'm doing it a bit more slowly because I've done very little for a couple of years (I have leukemia and it flared up into an autoimmune anemia - while I was on a long hike).

I had herniated disc surgery 30-some years ago and have walked the AT end to end twice since then. The first time I was 60, the second, 70. I'm talking about maybe doing it again at 80 (if my remission lasts). My brand new (5 years, actually) child bride and trophy wife will be retired by then and she's agreed to support duty.

I agree strongly with posters above who have pointed out the critical importance of reducing pack weight, but other than that, I wouldn't let age discourage you.

Best, jcp