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So with those numbers and relatively small difference. what do you thing is better. the quick click and fairly easy starting of the isobutane-propane or the undeniable reliability of the white gas...?? I really am on the fence. any input would help!

Better is all about the context - it depends on what you are doing.

I in fact use both - frequently. I also use an alcohol stove.

My "usual" thing for a weekender will be an alcohol stove.

If I'm going to be out for more than 5 person-days i take a snow peak canister stove

If I am in the winter or shoulder season, I usually take white gas - most often my SVEA 123, sometimes my Borde Bombe, or for deep winter with lots of need to melt snow for water, the MSR whisperlite.

I do prefer white gas in cold weather.
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