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A full .325 liter MSR bottle is 378 grams on my scale. This is completely full and not to the Whisperlite full line.

I bought my SVEA 123 stove in 1977 and have used it since. I've never tried another stove for backpacking.

The SVEA 123 does not require pumping. It does need priming which takes some getting used to. It takes about a minute to get it to a full strength flame. If I'm still drinking coffee a minute after everyone else is done, that's fine with me.

The stove weighs 532 grams which includes a 2 cup pot. That and a spoon is my cookset for solo backpacing. I don't like eating out of a freezer bag. I just doesn't stay warm enough for my tastes. It's not a big deal to clean a 2 cup pot.

It's not the lightest solution. However, I think it's the cheapest for a person who goes out a lot. A gallon of white gas costs about $10.00. If I need to, I can use gasoline and it works just fine.

The stove requires very little maintenance. After 35 years, the only thing that needed replaced was a washer in the cap.

White gas is only for the person willing to practice using the stove at home until they learn all the idiosyncracies. I cook breakfast outside a lot at home just because it's fun.

If you want simplicity, the canister stoves are probably better. I keep the SVEA 123R stove because it's the oldest thing I own and it's classy.

Here is a video of me cooking breakfast. It's long, but it may bring back some memories for those that have used this stove.

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