Eight days on a small 4 oz can of iso pro with a canister stove, vs. a three pound white gas stove (before fuel). Unless there's snow to melt, the canister stove wins.

I'll take alcohol on pretty much any trip for the simplicity and the quiet. It's the only thing that beats out a 3 oz snowpeak giga and a small canister for weight. When it comes to just boiling water, that is. If I do any amount of simmering... I take a second alcohol stove for that purpose and a little more fuel.

But, my last trip was 8.5 days, and I did take the SP Giga. I'd report how efficient it was, but my numbers were totally skewed - we found a 16 oz canister of Jetboil fuel in a remote campsite! Since we were going to carry the thing out anyway, we had many hot baths as we went along.... Had we been using something other than a canister stove, it would have been dead weight. grin
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