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The answer to that argument is to start on the trail at the crack of dawn and stop when it gets hot--something that we westerners also do on really hot days!

After a couple of days in Ohio, I got pretty used to the humidity as long as I didn't try to exert between noon and sunset. The main difference is that 100 degrees F out here is more like 85 degrees back there!

hahahaha in getting them to get up early to start hiking. Even at sunrise it could be 85 with 70% humidity.

Interesting that when I hiked in Ca. it never seemed hot to me even when it was 90 to 100. With no humidity you hardly notice the heat. I did like that I could lay a shirt that was wet with sweat on a rock and it would dry in 5 to 10 minutes. here it Tenn. it won't dry in a week