Well Perry, how're the plots doing?

Can you see any advantage in any of them yet?

Our weather's been pretty cool for the past week, so thing have been growing pretty slow, but it's warming up a bit so they should start growing faster soon.

I got some tomatoes and peppers in over the weekend. Dill is doing great and cukes are coming along good. Weeds are still doing amazing frown

The weeds are my fault though. I just haven't put enough mulch on the garden yet.

Took some more lettuce and radishes today. I might try planting some more this week.

The blackberry bushes are growing good, but only a few flowered out. Not sure why.

Our roses are just awesome this year. We have a few old world Damask Rose bushes that we planted just for the fragrance and they are just amazing right now. Last year Japanese beetles ate the buds before they could bloom, but I haven't seen them yet this year.

Ticks are already vicious. I get a few hitchhikers every time I walk out in the pasture to the barn or garden. I'm pretty bit up already. We have five more hens to put out there in another month or so, that will help some.


"You want to go where?"