So I'm in the market for a small overnight pack. I have found several I'm interested in but quite a few of them do not have straps on the very bottom of the pack. I'm not quite sure if I absolutely need them yet as I haven't decided on a pack. However, just in case.....Is there any person/company that I could ship a pack off to to have some professionally sewn/attached to the pack?

I'm assuming the fabric of the pack will be a big factor on how hard it is or what to use to attach...but any DIY'rs out there willing to do this for a little $$ if needed?

Or...if you guys have a nice suggestion for a overnight+ pack that i can 'fast-pack' with? Looking to start getting into doing some overnight trail running and finding a pack that will be able to be sinched enough to not bounce, lightweight, and to have some of my "picky" important features is quite the challenge.