Hi Steph,

The silk liner is definitely the way to go.

Allergies; As far as your other items, you will need to do your research or bring everything with you. Even if they carry those brands in the areas you are going, there is often different ingredients in the item. If you can't verify what is inside from where you are now, I would bring everything and make it last the 9 weeks. Do you have food allergies as well? If so same thing. I have a friend who is allergic to peanuts. If something is cooked in peanut oil and she eats it, it is a trip to emergency. Its that dire. In the areas you are going, I am not too sure I would want to end up in some random hospital. On one occasion, we actually snuck into one hospital to grab a buddy and fly him back to California because we were worried about his care. This was on Guam too. (the military has good hospitals, he was not in one though). In many parts of Bali, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, and Thailand there is not great access to what we would call good health care.

As I am thinking about this, you might want to look up medical facilities in the areas you are going just to see what is available.

Good luck with the trip. It sounds all time!