I generally make notes on the fronts and backs of my printed maps, then transfer those notes (and map if it is still readable) to a binder when I get home. If the map is no longer readable I make a new one and use highlighter to trace my routes, mark my camp(s), or where I found water, what time of year it was, temps, weather, blah blah blah.

I also keep my hunting/scouting reports in the same binder because I want all of that info in one handy place. When I go back to an area already visited I print new map, mark anything I think I might need for that trip,and throw it in the pack.

All of the info is grouped first by area, then by type of game. I make a special point to look for water and mark it.

I have a DeLorme Gazetteer which is huge and I keep that in my truck. I am not particularly happy with this map, but it works. Before heading into an unknown area I take scotch tape and lay it over my intended route. Then I trace the route with highlighter. When I am done with that trip I remove the scotch tape and my map is ready for the next trip.

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