I'm executive director of Remineralize the Earth. We are planning to put up an online social community at our website and we hope to have exactly the kind of testing that you are suggesting take place there and to generally have people share their experiences and build our knowledge base.

I'm hoping that you will document your results in such a way that we could have an article on our website.

A simple concept amongst many to explain the effects of remineralization is the idea that we want to increase the biological activity of the soil and rock dust is food for the microorganisms. The uptake of minerals and trace elements into the plants is, in this time of incredibly deficient soils, urgent for growing nutrient dense food.

Rock dust can act as a pesticide by spraying during an insect infestation and will deter insects and bring about insect balance rather than wiping them all out. In the long term the plants will not be vulnerable to insects because the silica and other nutrients increases the vitality and strength of plant tissue. Insects are only looking for weakened plants to recycle.

Please consider sourcing a local source of rock dust if there is one available to test as well.

Joanna Campe
Remineralize the Earth

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