Perry, RE: Gary Hilton
He was in Georgia and they have him. I'm not going to allow one scumbag to scare me away. There was a killer in Yosemite a few years back but they caught him as well. The guy possed as a maintainence man and killed two women visiting from Europe, a real sicko. I'm an Army NCO and have gone solo into serveral wilderness areas. I no greenhorn. I have car camped at Yosemite, just looking to go out for one or two nights and then hike back to my camper. Luckily for me and my family I've met some very nice folks on the trail. Some just want to talk all day LOL. I actually don't mind hiking solo, I leave my itinerary with a friend. But if I meet people on the trail who need help in some way I'm gald to help if I can. I carry a pretty decent emergency kit. And being military I know a little about survival in the boonies. Thanks for the advice and hope I see you guys out there some day.


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