I work over the hill in Carson City, then go home to Plumas County on Friday. I'm 58 last time I looked, with Retail Management experience. I've been doing a lot of local bping and car camping (Plumas County) since Labor Day weekend. I collect old stoves and figured I need to get out more to make use of my gems. I do Desolation, Carson Pass, Yosemite (in a week to HH), Lassen (end of the month), week trips on my vacations to the southern Sierra, etc. PM me, I want to do Desolation before the snow melts off this Spring, same as the last two Springs. I used to frequent a Yahoo group, NorthCA Hiking, but they have mostly gone over to FB and I don't do that. I still get some trips in with the people I met thru there, I have done maybe three trips with some of them last year, the last trip in August to Thousand Lakes. We have all been together for almost 8 years, variying ages too. Late 20's to 60's and a few gear testers in the bunch, so they are neat to bp with and pick their brains. Maybe between everyone, you can get in a few group/small group trips. Be forewarned, we bp year round.