Incomplete proteins ARE listed as protein. Case in point- rice- on any package it will say 5 grams of protein per serving. But rice is NOT a complete protein. It lacks lysine. It is a 75% complete protein. A complete protein has to have all the 9 essential amio acids. To make rice complete you can eat other incomplete proteins that contain the missing amino acid- hence-- rice and beans -- a complete protein meal. Because backpack food is primarily a grain-based diet, you CANNOT simply add up protein as stated on box labels and assume you get complete proteins. You have to specifically combine incomplete proteins. Good combinations are: rice with legumes, wheat with milk or milk products. If you were simply to have a meal of rice -- no matter how much rice, even though the box says 5 grams per serving, you will not get a complete protein. Short term this is not a real problem, but long term- say you are out several weeks, it would be a problem. Muscles need complete protein to rebuild.