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I would have to double it! I am a big breakfast eater. Sounds yummy! I totally agree that taking non-instant grains and cooking them a bit is far superior to the instant "add water" grains. I like to vary breakfast grains- oatmeal, Malt-o-meal, cous-cous, barley, cream of rice. Also I vary my nuts- almonds one day, walnuts next, cashews, sunflower seeds, etc. Same with fruit. For long duration trips, the variety is great. Also spice up breakfast with cinnamon, allspice (my favorite). Chocolate flavors in breakfast cereal is not something I would like. Sometimes I dice up a little summer sausage and dump in the cereal. And to add calories, I always put a spoon of margarine in the cereal. To boost protein I add a spoon of Nido and one spoon of TVP.

My criteria are a bit different. I aim for 20% protein since a protiens are incomplete so I feel I need more overall for a better chance of getting enough complete protein. I do not get too focused on the cost but do avoid packaged freeze-dried meals (I simply do not like them). I do splurge and buy the freeze-dried fruit. Diced dates are also a favorite of mine.

If a recipe (or ingredient list) names a specific amount of protein, those grams of protein are complete. Incomplete proteins are not listed in the nutritional data because, in essence, they are various amino acids.

Newbie to the site, but I wanted to be sure that you understand the concept.