It's always going to be challenging to find the "best" of anything, and perhaps more so with stoves where there are so many varieties and opinions.

I highly recommend that you make yourself a 'fancy feast' stove and try it out, get to know an alcohol stove for yourself --- at virtually no cost. In particular, try out Andrew Skurka's directions for building a Fancy Feast stove.

I recommend this particular model as it's just so easy to make, and it's quite an effective stove, so long as you don't have too pot with too narrow a base. You just need a single cat food can, marking pen, and a hole punch. My wife and I at one point in the past tried making some pressurized pepsi can stoves, and those were a bit tricky to get right, we were never really satisfied with the results. The Fancy Feast stove really is dead easy to make and works great. It might well be all the stove you'll ever want. Until I swapped to a pressurized stove that was recommended as the only stove to use with the caldera cone setup I got, I had switched from my commercially made stove to the Fancy Feast.

In terms of your original question (convenience and ease of use) --- I've used three different types of alcohol stove, and quite a bit. I consider them all to be about the same on those factors. Optionally get a small plastic measuring cup, put in a fixed amount of alcohol, light it, and cook. In cold weather some models have a lip used to prime the stove, one stove that I own allows some change in air flow to allow for simmering, but I rarely care about any of that stuff.
Brian Lewis