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Are your plans for one or two nights? Or a week at a time? Will you essentially be boiling water, or will you simmer for a long time? What altitudes will you be at? What temperatures? Will you be cooking for one or more?

You seem to be under the impression that all of this matters.... I've used alcohol stoves in the cold, to boil, to cook, and to do it for more than one person.

None of that is even a factor - limitations on stoves are only based on how many you want to carry, how much fuel you need to run them, and if you're going in a huge group - take many stoves, and be happy that you would have to carry many supercat stoves to even approach having the same weight as a Pocket Rocket.

I would not imagine that I could melt snow with one, but beyond that, there is a model and a fuel consumption rate to suit you, it's just a matter of picking the right stove.

This is not stumping for owning an alcohol stove - this is me telling you not to believe myths perpetrated on forums about their inability to perform when cold, high elevation, etc. It's a common attitude that they don't - they do fine, and do it silently without interrupting the peace of the wilderness.
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