I agree with Oldranger - the Trangia isn't the lightest, but I found it reliable and easy. I particularly like the ability to snuff the flame and leave unused fuel in the stove (no measuring, no draining, no waiting while excess burns off.)

I use the Pocket Rocket almost exclusively now (and will probably replace it with the new Micro Rocket after Christmas) for its simplicity (I'm a weekend/recreational backpacker.) I've used it down to freezing without any problems; below that, I usually use a white gas stove (Simmerlite), but suspect you might get the PR to work into the mid twenties.

I prefer a Titan Kettle to the Trangia cookset, only because I can also use the kettle as a mug. I eat breakfast cold, and make a mug of tea to drink with it; at supper, I rehydrate my instant-rice-with-mix-ins in the kettle, eat from the kettle, and drink water. The kettle, a spoon, and the stove are my entire kitchen.