I also agree. Ice axe and self arrest seem to be near when crampons are also used.

Thankfully, we have guys like old ranger that know the trails well enough to say an ice axe might be a bit overkill. My argument against ski poles is the same as my argument against hiking poles(if there is even a difference). When I do need them I'll either tough it out, or find a stick to use. I really enjoy having my hands free when I hike.

On another note, wanted to run my food plan by you guys.
Breakfast-oatmeal, dried fruit, brown sugar
Lunch-granola, dried fruit, dried sausage, beef jerkey
Dinner-ramen, pita, cheese, sausage, tuna
Snacks-nuts, power bars, snicker bars

This is pretty general, I have specific brands I like, but I never know if I'll be able to find them at the various grocery stores. Feel free to make suggestions
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