Have just ordered some low-profile crampons. Check em' out! Went with Crampons instead of yak traxs or microspikes becuase of the added versatility they will give me in future mountaineering. While they're not for vertical ice climbing, they will give me more leeway than the other options. From what I read, yak traks and microspikes are really only good for flat hiking, essentially glacier travel. I'm of course open to suggestions. Not to late to cancel my order!

Pika, as always, thank you for the advice. Just to clarify, the Santa Catalinas are the first mountain range that I will cross, correct?

I don't have hiking poles, and I really don't like hiking with them. To me, they're a nuisance. I like the option of having my hands free while I walk. I hook my thumbs in my pack or a loop on my pack when I want them "stowed". I'd much rather pick up a stick and hike with that since I can always throw it away when I'm tired of it. I'm willing to be persuaded though. Any big reason why I should change my mind?

Skcreidc, sounds like you picked a great section to join me on! Should be fun! Looking forward to it!

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