So I guess Iím not the only weirdo out there! Haha I told all of my friends what I wanted for my graduation gift and they all thought it was so weird (although they said it was something they could expect from me). They said theyíd ask for a car or electronics like laptops, or cell phones.

Anyway, to answer your first question, I plan on walking as my primary mode of transportation. And Iíd like to stay for at least a month, so I might be staying longer. And I might be asking you more about Oregon for the research that Iím compiling about it. I donít want to be unprepared and I feel like information is the best thing that Iíll have in my arsenal against mishaps.

To answer your second question, I have camped a few times before, only in Florida though. I loved it so much, except for the spiders and ticks, which is going to be a totally new thread on the forum. And as far as hikingÖ. Does hiking have to include mountains? Haha Just this summer I spent a week in Colorado with my father, younger brother, and girlfriend. Everyday Iíd wake up and hike up the mountains with my brother and girlfriend and explore for the entire day, only to return back to the hotel when it was getting late. I mean, I took a backpack on those hikes and carried water and snacks for myself and company, but I donít think thatís really backpacking. Besides that, I live in South Florida so I can say Iíve gone on many extended walks through natural areas, but there are no mountains, or hills, or any sort of ground elevations here so I canít really hike here. I think Iím about six feet above sea level.