Thanks for your thoughts Tom! HAha I'm glad you mentioned that behomoth of a jacket in your picture! To be honest though, I though you were going to tell me that you were wearing your sleeping bag! I think that I will have sufficent clothes to get me down to zero. If you look back in the thread(Page 3) you can have a look at my clothing system to see if you agree. I may nix the Atom for this trip. May be overkill. Not sure just yet.


It is very good to hear from you again! I was hoping that you would chime back in! I will take a look at Summerhaven. That may end up being a crucial resupply point. I think you are correct. I am comfprtable again with my 15 degree bag. Thankfully it is a Mountain Harware Phantom, thus I feel comforted that if MTN Hardware calls it 15, then it sure will be. Yes, I was sad to see that I wasn't able to do that section this trip. I will most definitley be looking at making a second trip to finish off the remaining trail. I would love to go further than Oracle, but there wasn't a town that I could find that I could imagine my self finding a ride back from.

Pika, I'm staying on you about coming out and doing a section of the trail with me. I have really appreciated you advice, and to be honest, without it, I wouldn't be going on this trip. I'd really like to be able to meet you. I think it could be alot of fun, and a great opportunity for me to learn from a more experienced hiker. I realize it's a tough time with the holidays, but I thought I would atleast let you know that I was looking forward to the chance of meeting you out there. Hope all is well.
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