Here it is! The legendary trail outline I've been talking about for so long. I was only able to get to day 17 out of 24 since the guide book only goes to Passage 10. When I return home I will see if I can pull info from the data book to figure out what that next week will look like. Chime in with your thoughts. I'm glad to hear them. Oh, and if a day is bolded then it means rest/resupply day. The first number at the end of every day is the mileage for that day, and the second is the overall mileage. Chime in with any further questions. Look forward to hearing from everyone. All the best.

Dec 13(Day 1)- Tag Mexican Border(1.9m), turn around, camp at Bear Saddle/Bear Canyon TJ(Camp;W3 .5mS)(9.8)
Dec 14(Day 2)- Bear Saddle/Bear Canyon TJ-> /FR48(Seasonal store/water at Parker Canyon Lake)(10.9m)(20.7)
Dec 15(Day 3)- FR48->Middle Canyon(W1)(11.5)(32.2)
Dec 16(Day 4)- Middle Canyon->Gate Spring(W2-3 .06mS)(12.3)(44.5)
Dec 17(Day 5)- Gate Spring->Patagonia(Town Day)(6.6)(52.8)
~Resupply Food,Water,Butane(Care package)
Post Ofice-100 N. Taylor Ave., P.O 9988
Dec 18(Day 6)-Patagonia->Anaconda Spring(w1, Spring/Seep;Small creeks)(~9.5)(~62.3)
Dec 19(Day 7)-Anaconda Spring->Tunnels Spring Trailhead(W1;T2)(9.9)(72.2)(Might summit Mt.Wrightson. Will make the decision when I can assess the situation)
Dec 20(Day 8)- Tunnel Spring Trailhead->Kentucky Camp(W3-4, Shelter)(6.6)(78.8)
Dec 21(Day 9)- Kentucky Camp->End Of passage 5(W0-1)(9.8)(88.6)
Dec 22(Day 10)- End of Passage 5->Join Road(10.9)(99.5)
(Depending oon Water, may go to Lakes Road: W2-3, 1.25mW)(101.6)
Dec 23(Day 11)Join Road/Lakes Road->Road Jct.(9.2)(110.8)
Dec 24(Day 14)- Road Jct.->La Posta Quemada Ranch(7.1)(117.9)
Dec 25(Day 13)- Walk to Colossal Cave Mountain Park(5m there and back)(Refill food, fuel, water from care package)
Dec 26(Day 14)- La Posta Quemada Park->Rincon Creek(w1)9.1)(12.7)
Dec 27(Day 15)- Rincon Creek-> Manning Camp(W4, Camp)(13.8)(140.8)
Dec 28(Day 16)- Manning Camp-> Italian Trap(T4)8.8)(149.6
Dec 29(Day 17)- Italian Trap-> West Spring Cistern
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