Hey all,
Just wanted to chime in quickly while I had access to the internet.

I think everyone will be happy to know that my outline is done. I was only able to plan up to passage 10(The section that takes you 15m E from Tuscon) since the AZT website has a gap in the guide book from passage 10-20something. I will post the outline in a seperate reply when I have a little more time to type it up. Should be later tonight.

As far as renaming the thread, that is perfectly fine with me. The more people that this thread helps out, the happier I am!

Skredic, some bad news. I don't think that I am going to make it to the Superstition Mountains section. I'm not exactly familiar with where/what section you mean, but on the AZT the only mention of anything Superstitious is after Oracle. Maybe I'm thinking of a different section than you are?
Hopefully it will work out.

Also. I was talking with my Brother and Sister and they said that a 15 degree bag is in no way sufficent for this trip. My brother reccomended I take his -30 degree bag, but I declined telling them flatly that they were wrong. Since then I've had a small seed of doubt growing about how cold a 15 degree bag can take me. I had thought a 15 degree bag plus clothes would take me down to 0? Am I wrong? Can I get everyones thoughts on this?
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