That is some AWESOME info Pika. Thank you for the input.

From the way that Terri(REI employee and AZTT Aid) pitched it, it seemed like I was going to do some crazy high altitude passes slogging through deep snow! I am quite used to cold and wet in Ga, so no worries there. Perhaps I will remove the Atom LT for this trip. I will have two pairs of regular socks, and one pair of the icebreakers(Which can potentially be worn as a regular sock), so that is covered.

As far as traction goes, I'm lacking a bit. I've got a Black Diamond Raven ice axe, but I would hate to carry that extra weight for a couple of sections. Maybe I could ship it, and pick it up before "danger" areas. The Mammut boots I linked in my list are made for snow and such. They have a fairly aggressive sole, so if I went with those instead of my Vasque Breeze I think they would deal nicely. What do you think? Stick with the Breeze's and bring the ice axe, or go with the Mammut's, potentially with the Ice Axe as well?

As far as wind goes, I'm mostly relying on my rain jacket and pants. They are very wind resistant(up to 60mph), so if it did get windy I could just throw them on. If it does get that windy I'll just bring out the neck Gaiter and pull it up over my face. Gloves will come out at the same time. I've got some lighter fleece types that I will use if my hands are getting just a little too cold.

Tent is a definite for me. I've got a REI Half-dome(The older, more boxy model) and it has stood up to some pretty severe winds. I camped with it on the edge of Linville gorge where the winds were pretty blowing hard. It did very well. Love that tent!
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