The forecast here is for a 30% to 50% chance of rain for Saturday through Tuesday in the area in which I live (elev 3400') and low temperatures of about 47F. I am sure that this forecast means snow at higher elevations. Daytime temperatures are forecast to be in the mid-70's which means daytime temps around 40 to 45 at 7000'. There will probably be some snow accumulation in the mountains. Next week, after Tuesday, is forecast to be sunny and mid-70's for highs and mid-40's for lows.

By all means, check the long range forecast before planning a trip here, especially one in the mountains. The 1958 storm that OldRanger mentions resulted in the death of three Boy Scouts in the Santa Rita Mountains. OldRanger was one of the search and rescue people who went looking for these unfortunate young men.
May I walk in beauty.