Yes those are my travel dates. Let me give some more information of the development of maps, then I will talk dates with you.

After talking to Terri, the AZT representative that works at the Tucson REI, I've decided the best way to get maps specifically for the AZT is buying a membership on the trail's website. It offers two things that I couldn't find any where else.

1. The membership includes a guide book that lists water sources and food caches along the trail. It is published by the ones that made the trail, so, specifically for the AZT, it's the most accurate map out. The one downside to this is that you have to print these out yourself, so some laminating will be done on my part.

2. A membership comes with GPS for the ENTIRE trail. While I think it only covers the AZT, I could only find one other source of GPS and that was Nat Geo's $50 GPS of all of Arizona. While that may be better for Arizonian residents, I'm only doing the AZT, thus that's I went with. Plus the membership is $20 cheaper and comes with both GPS and paper guidebook.

So, Skcreidc, now that I have a good map source, I will begin typing my itinerary. I will most likely be done with it at some point this weekend. Too much schoolwork to justify dedicating my time to fun planning at the moment. Weekend will be much more relaxed. It will be up just as soon as I am done with it! I hope you are able to come, especially for 5 days! It would be fun to meet some of the people from the forum(<---This is a sly nudge to Pika and Phat to get out on the trail!)

A question on trail conditions will follow in another post. Trying to break things up so not to make you guys read a novella type post! Haha!
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