I have a dilemma that I'm hoping you guys can help out with.

I have recently become a father - I love carrying my son around in his ergo, but as fall rolls around it's starting to get colder. The problem is that every sweater or warm midlayer I have contains a zipper. When I carry the kid, he naps on my chest - resulting in what I call "Zipper Face". Not such a great look to have a zipper imprinted on your cheek.

So I've searched through all the gear websites, Marmot, North Face, Arcteryx, smartwool, etc., but it's been impossible to find a warm layer that doesn't come with either full zip, 1/2 zip, or 1/4 zip.

My current options are:
- Carry him in the back: sucks because I don't see his adorable face.
- Buy a super - sized jacket that can wrap around both of us: Not a long term solution because he might grow out of it.
- Be cold: (current option)

So - does anyone know of a good sweater (fleece or merino) that doesn't have that zipper?

Thanks in advance