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GLENN: I'm headed towards FBC when I'm by myself. Lipton meals with add ins and oatmeal are staples. If/when we acquire a dehydrator, the entire family will probabaly change over to FBC. However, child happiness right now demands pancakes and mac and cheese when we go as a family, and cleanliness demands we use bowls.

I've never been able to manage Mac and cheese FBC style, but with a small bot, alky stove, and a good pot cozy, follow the "microwave directions" on the box - usually this calls for 1 3/4 cup of water, nuke it, then add the stuff in, no draining. What I do is drop the noodles and that amount of water in, bring to a boil with the alcohol stove. Alcohol goes, out, cozy the whole pot (I'm using a blue foam cozy with tight lid for this) for 20 to 25 minutes or so. don't peek. After that the noodles are fine with a little water left in it for the sauce. in goes some olive oil, cheese mix, and a bit of nido or coffee mate. Try at home first.

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