While I understand the classic Walmart grease pot is defunct, KMart still has theirs for about $5.

You can get a EN13537-rated 20*F down bag, the Kelty Cosmic Down, for well under $100 if you shop around. Heavier, of course, than Western Mountaineering, but definitely lighter and longer-lasting than a comparably priced synthetic bag.

For shelter, moving up from the blue tarp, and a lot lighter, is the 8' x 10' silnylon tarp from Campmor.com (actually Equinox) for $80, 14 oz. Add mason's twine for guylines, aluminum gutter nails or homemade stakes from coat hanger wire, a chunk of polycro (the shrink-to-fit storm window material) for a ground sheet and a couple of sticks (found at the campsite) the appropriate length for poles, and you have a first-class shelter under a pound for about $90. For bug protection, pick up some wedding-veil material from JoAnn's Fabrics and drape it from the roof of the tarp. Moving the other direction, you can use clear plastic for a tarp which will last a few nights; just be sure to pack the remains home with you if it shreds.

For food, no reason to buy those spendy tastless freeze-dried backpacking meals--you can put together your own from supermarket ingredients. Check Sarbar's website for details and lots of recipes, most of which require only boiling water (no dishes to wash!).

May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view--E. Abbey